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I think it has to be one of those odd skills that all magicians would love to be able to do. Infact the ability to controle someones mind or thought process is something that just about everyone on the planet would love to do.


Well I have been playing with a small idea. It is very simple. I want to be able to walk up to any person and ask them to think of a card and not only sway what they choose but be able to prouve it 100%

So what I have done shuffle a pack of cards and placed them down on my table face up. This gives me a random card I need to make the spectator choose. I have taken a picture of this and posted it below so there is absolutly no way I can change it if I fail.

So If you are reading this it means I have choosen you to try this little experiment out on. I should have already opened this page up on your Phone or computer and placed it in your hand. This all happened before I asked you to make a card. 


Have a look below




How close did I get? 

Thankful and Inconsistent


Well Hello and I will not insult you by apologising this time. I blog when I can and I hope that is enough for you, well I guess I am sorry if it’s not and you can give me a spank when you see me. So what has been happening? Well last year was one of the roughest I have ever had but also one of the best. I am still working away behind the scenes in TV land I and am so thankful for that, however stressful it can be I am more than happy to be doing what I love and not sitting like a drone in a call centre so yes I am very thankful for that.


Out with work I just finished my second and what seems to be the last treatment for cancer and all is looking good. I can’t complain on that front really. During this course I met Leonnie who thankfully understood and helped me out on the odd times where I had to run off and upchuck a perfectly good meal I had cooked. She understood and helped me through that whole fiasco more than she will ever know and again I am more than thankful for that


Where to continue? Well… I got engaged. What? You can’t blame me! I found a gorgeous lass who was willing to help me thought a mental time and I am simply not willing to let her go. She was also crazy enough to say yes and understand my crazy job! So that happened and I can’t lie, I have never been happier.


Magic performance wise. I will be at the magic castle in the second week in February. I have Paul Wilson to thank right there and thank you sir for your insistency in asking me every year. I am blessed that out with treatment etc. I can do it this year and I will do my best to not let anyone down. Yeah, I get insecure too folks lol. Deal with it.


Also keep your eyes peeled as I have a few effects coming out this month that have been a long, long time coming and I hope you love them as much as I do. That’s about as much as I can say for them to be honest be trust me. When you see them you will love them.


With all of the above being said. Thank you all. I would not be doing what I am doing if you were not here supporting me. I am bless for that every single day.


Thank you


The Sinner


Well hello.


How do you do?


It has been a long time, too long to be honest. So I guess I should explain myself as it really is all my fault. Really it is… It is all me not you! All joking aside, I am sorry it has taken so long to give you a small update but I have been super busy. So what has happened since the last time we spoke? Well I took my first holiday in 17 years! That is a crazy thought to me and I did not realise how much of a workaholic I really am until I thought about that. I took this holiday with my girlfriend which was awesome… Yes you heard that right, I found a woman who understands my job and why I need to be away for odd periods of time and respects it so I really lucked out with that one and the poor soul really has no clue that I am not letting her go.


That being said, yes I am in London again consulting. As always I can’t tell you for who but I can say I am really excited about it. This guy is an awesome talent and it is refreshing working for people who still have an absolute passion and respect for the art. It makes you proud to see your creations being performed by them.

I have a wealth of material worked, tested and ready to be released but I am sitting on it for just now as I may have a small project I would like to use it on which I need to keep pretty hush hush . Just keep your eyes open for hints and you will not be disappointed.


Out with magic I decided to step on a skateboard again. It has been ten long years since I have done so and my tail bone being cracked should let you know how that is going. It is amazing how much you brain remembers but your body forgets. However I am all healed and still enjoying throwing the board about. It is a perfect stress relief system and I am enjoying much to my girlfriends worry.


There really is not a lot more I need to tell you. I will do my upmost best in posting more often for your folks but between me being an absolute workaholic and the poor woman who tolerates me, I do not have a lot of time. But I will try.


As always. Thank you all for letting me do what I do and be respect for it. I love you all



Where we are heading


It has been a busy Year. Pick a part of the world and I have more than likely been there and all in all I must say I love being home. When I first started out learning how to make a coin vanish in a sliding box at the age of nine I would have never guessed it would have taken me so far. But any way. Lets get on track and let me update you fine ladies and gentlemen on what has been happening and where we are heading.


Over the past year I have been doing my consultancy job and that has demanded much of my time. Thats not an issue though. I love creating magic and when you are doing it for some of the biggest names in the world you cant really complain. I just wish I could tell you more about what I got up to when doing this but I think I would end up in a ditch some where. When I have not been doing the consultancy I have been kept busy with gigs which again is no real complaint. Like any performer, I am at my happiest when I hear myself speak.


During all the fun and shenanigans I have also had my thinking cap on kept creating new effects at a staggering pace. One or two little things have been released so far but in the time I have been home I have filmed a little project called “ the little things” Its all filmed and is about half edited. Just making sure the effects are explained clear enough. My accent is hard to get at the best of times. I may as well make it as easy is I can on you folks. So “ The little things” will be out very very soon.


I will be blogging a little more as I miss the feedback I get from these AND I like the interaction with you fine folks. So for the first on I thought I should do a Q&A. So what Is the question you would like a magician to answer? What do you simply need to know ? Send in any questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ill be back answering them all.





The more and more I look at words the less they make sense to me at all. But recently it is all I have been doing. I am currently writing my new live show it has been more of a task than I first anticipated. Any performer will tell you that they take pride in what the do which in turn makes them develop it to a point of where the are satisfied with it.. Not happy but satisfied. I will never be 100% happy with ay show I create because in the back of my head Im always thinking of new things to add and weaker things to take out.


Its an ongoing process and when I say its annoying I really mean I love it. Who wouldn’t? I get to take my time and create moments the make people sit back, catch there breath and say “WOW”. So even though the process of writing the show gets to me at times I can honestly say the outcome is more than worth it. So this Is my question to you. What do you do that really gets on your nerves but you could not live with out it? Is it that little guitar riff you just cant get but god knows you will keep on trying or is it that painting you just cant get to look right even though everyone else things its perfect as is


The reason I am asking is for the new show. Im toying with the idea of obsessions and what takes any given thing and makes is cross the line into obsession for us. Feel free to mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a small not on what is yoru hobby/passion/job and let me thank you in advance as it will help me with this new show..