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Make your event special.

Alan is an award winning performer: an artist in close up magic, hypnosis and showmanship. His most popular bookings are below, but he is delighted to discuss performing at almost any type of event that you have in mind.





Restaurants and Lounges


Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could increase your sales without paying out £1,000s on advertising? Would it help if you could minimise the long waits on weekends, and boost sales on weekdays? Do you want to be able to easily draw in new customers, as well as increase the number of regular customers?

If yes, then it's time to bring magic into your establishment. Magic between the starter and main course not only offers suitable and fitting entertainment for your patrons, but it can also help to iron out any unfortunate problems encountered in the kitchen. If you've ever had customers leave because of a long wait, then it's time for action.


Alan finishes their meal with a unique dessert that can't be found on any other menu: close-up magic is used as a subtle way to turn over tables in the most professional way for your establishment. Offering something a little extra is the key difference between you and your competitors. Why not have a weekday magic evening? You'll be delighted to know that an evening's entertainment could be the price of just four people dining at your restaurant.