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Make your event special.

Alan is an award winning performer: an artist in close up magic, hypnosis and showmanship. His most popular bookings are below, but he is delighted to discuss performing at almost any type of event that you have in mind.





Wedding Entertainment

Finding the right kind of entertainment for your wedding which is in harmony with both what you want and what your guests expect can often be so stressful that you end up worrying about the plan going ahead before it even begins. So, how do you make your dream wedding come true?

You needn't look any further, because a particular type of entertainment that caters for everyone's needs is right here. Wedding magic is a dynamic form of entertainment that can add a unique element to your special day. Alan is booked all over the UK to help create the wedding that you have always dreamed of. His magic is crafted and perfected to captivate an audience of all ages, specialising in highly close-up visual performances and table top magic that gives your guests a novel, memorable experience. That's real magic.

The joy of having your guests entertained by a professional wedding magician gives you the luxury of sitting back and allowing you to take in every precious moment, to capture something with the one you love that no other type of wedding day can offer. To look at the smiles and astonishment and to hear the laughter and applause at your wedding are the most cherished feelings you can have on that special day, and Alan can make that happen.

Imagine your wedding reception light up with conversations and vibing amongst guests that have only just met. Alan brings people together, since his unique style of magic swiftly and elegantly breaks the ice, allowing you to give your guests the type of memories that they'll cherish for years to come.

Alan is booked time and time again to perform at weddings. If you want him to be a part of your day before he's reserved, head over to the contact page.