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Welcome to the 3P control. This is a simple control that Alan has created that will alow you to control, peek or palm a selected card all with in the same natural motion. There really is nothing more that we can say that the demo video will not show you so have a peek.

A few folks have braught into question if my demo for this was genuin Sighting that my thumb is not in the correct position in the demo etc. Well I can say the Demo is 100% genuine and I apologise if the parties in question cant do the move as quick as I do or get your thumb out of the way correctly. However.. just for you, below is the full download. If you like the move feel free to add to card and donate £5, if not, this one is one me.. enjoy.


Taking magic back

The download is only 8 mitnues long but this is all you will need to master this super simple but super deceptive control. So what are you waiting for. Grab 3p today!

Add to Cart £5 Instant Video Download.

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