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The Linker is a routine that Alan has been performing for over 15 years. It is a very simple take on one of the most stunning pieces of magic out there. A single card is torn into two frames and the magician can make them link and unlink in the most insainly visual way.

This is a routine that Alan has been performig for over 15 years and he still uses it at every close up show he does today. The linking rings is an effect that people still love to see and the linker allows you to perform this style effect in the most impromptu way and yet it is one of the most visual out there.

This is the instgram clip Alan posted which made everone demand that he re release the linker and as you watch we would like you to keep in mind a few things

  • The card is free selection
  • The card is ungimmicked in any way
  • The routine can be impromptu if you like
  • Everything can be inspected before and after
  • It can be done completly surounded. The link looks as good from the back!
  • There is no prior set up at all.

SINNER// LINKER:: one card, nothing added or taken way. Just good impromptu magic.

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Alan has streamlined the tutorial which is just over 10 minutes long but gives you every little detail you will need to perform the linker. No messing around just direct and to the point instruction on how to do this awesome effect.

Here is what other have to say about the linker


"One of the Cleanest Linking cards I have ever seen. It still looks as good today as the first time I saw it"- Dee Christopher

"As a man who is accustomed to a good linking card or two, one would definitely suggest sampling this fine offering from Scotland's finest.... well what I really mean is Buy this, it honestly is the most direct way to perform a linking card impromptu (but then buy OCL )" -Ben Williams

""Fooled me so badly!"" -Shin Lim



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