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The appearing blister effect is a classic in magic. It is one of those effects that finds its self in many beginners’ books for the eager students to learn and remains in working repertoires of many Pros out there today.


M.T.B is Alans work on the effect which we are sure will become part of your everyday carry. When creating this effect Alan wanted to make sure that it was not just an appearing blister or a simple card reveal that would end up at the back of your junk drawer. M.T.B is a super simple solution to a hard hitting effect that you can throw on your key chain and have it ready to go at a moments notice.

In this routine you ask someone to imagine they are in a bar/shop or cafe etc. They are at the till and paying for whatever item they are buying. They reach into their pocket and pull out one bill. You ask them what that bill would be as you fold up a blank piece of paper. You then pull out your lighter and in a flash the paper is gone but blistered on your fingers is the denomination of that bill.

  • In this routine they have a free choice of bill excluding 1 or 50 But Patter Covers this.
  • There is not reset. or set up. You are always ready to go
  • You do not need to use a lighter
  • You do not need to use flash paper
  • The Mark on your fingers looks like a genuine blister
  • Nothing is stuck onto your hand
  • Your hand is fully inspect able with the blister on it
  • Each blister gimmick is handmade and hand finished by Alan himself
  • Will work with £ pounds $ Dollars and € Euros.


We believe this is the most direct blister style effect out there and at £25 it is an absolute steal. As we say above we have the gimmick made in Pounds Dollars and Euros. Please specify what one you need in the notes when you order.

"This is Alan Rorrison doing what he does best. He has created a strong, real world method for the classic blister effect that not only hits hard but also has a premise and handling that makes sense."


"This is a fantastic way to present a classic! Always with you and with A routine that makes sense! Im sure that once you have this gimmick, you will never leave home without it!"

-Luca volpe

"This is something I'm definitely gonna use. Such a cool gimmick and routine. To be honest I wish I'd thought of it."

-Tim Burt

"Alan has the ultimate box ticker. Simple, direct and powerful Magic, ready to go in any situation. I can’t wait to get my fingers on this!"

Tom Mullenger


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