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In magic and effect or utility comes along every so often which changes how you perform. I have a feeling that By Proxy will be one of those things! With this one system you will be able to do a number of effects including:

  • An ACAAN with NO memorization and minimal work
  • Predict the pocket change of your spectator
  • have your phone be your out for practicly ANY card or mentalism effect
  • let your phone predict what soda/drink some one is thnking off
  • Predict somes ones star sign/birth month
  • Do a book/newspaper test

These effects are just an example of what I use this system for but it really is limited only to your Imagination. Once you have this set up it will be in your pocket ready to go at any time.

I understand that these are some very large claims and you will have many questions so let me answer the main things you need to know straight of the bad.

  • You will need an iphone
  • the Iphone will need to be jailbroken

In this 16 page pdf I will go over every detail you need to know to start performing miricles with your phone. If you have not already jailbroken your iphone I tell you where to get all the information you need to do so. It is the same information I used to do it myself and I know it works safely. I know a few people will be afraid to do this but for the effects that it gives you, you would be crazy not to.

Also.. Keep in mind that jail breaking is LEGAL! Rest assured your morals will remain intact!

Imagine being able to do an ACAAN where you let the spectator shuffle the pack. Name a card and with your phone you can tell them exactly what number it is at. What if I told you they could do all the work and not know it...


This is no Pipe dream. This is By Proxy



Dee Christopher " This has got to be a mentalists dream. How on earth do you think of this stuff?"


Add to Cart £10 Instant pdf Download

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