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What is Inception? To put it simple, inception is the art of implanting a thought into some ones head and making them think it was their own idea. Making them think that the genesis of the idea was all there own and no one else’s.

A daunting thought and a power that should never be abused so lets keep it simple. You place a prediction down on the table or in the spectators lap before they even know what is going to happen.

then you ask them to visulize a drink that they would genraly have if they went to a bar. Think on how it looks and the taste etc then let them name there thought of drink out loud so the whole room can hear. Astoundingly your prediction matches there thought of drink!

  • I will not tell you if inception uses a peek,force or real magic but I will state this:
  • No cards are used
  • The spectator never utters a single word until they name there drink
  • Nothing is written down in the routine
  • You can set yourself up if right in front of the spectator if need be and it looks natural
  • Its so simple you will be performing it in minutes.

 This is something you will and can carry on you at all times to be ready at a moments notice. Perfect for a casual performance in a bar or a huge performance on stage with out compromising on the end result. Trust me, you need this!


Alan never ceases to amaze me with his offbeat thinking and creativity. Inception is just plain devious! It's seemingly impromptu and casual nature reminds me of early Michael Weber. The simplicity behind the method will fool magicians and laymen alike. Definitely something to have in the back pocket for when the right situation arises, especially if you work or hang out in bars, and who doesn't?! - James went


"Inception is the kind of effect that I LOVE to perform. Not only does it look like REAL mind reading to your spectators, but it FEELS like you really are reading minds when you perform it!" -Dee Christopher


"Alan absolutly killed in the bar at the blackpool convention 2011 with this. It shows Alan's off the wall thinking and creativity perfectly and Leaves everyone speachless!" -Ben Williams

Add to Cart £10 PDF Instant Download 

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