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Say hello to Alans Odds and ends!

In this half hour download you will not only learn the effect that Alan performed on National T.V for Penn and Teller But you will also learn 3 other effects that Alan carrys on him at all times. All the effects In this download have been tried and tested thousands of times to live, paying spectators. These are the visual, hard hitting effects that will get you noticed and have the spectators eating out of your hands.

Alan Rorrison On Penn and Tellers Fool Us from alanrorrison on Vimeo.

The effects in this download are :

  • The matrix: This is the matrix you can see in the demo. Any surface, any time and it can also be done with borrowed items including the spectators own keys!
  • Be safe: Peel of the safty notice from a lighter and then visual throw it back on in less than a second. At this point your hands are clean as a daisy!
  • Metal-morphasis: This is a mini illusion where a signed coin switches places with a signed bottle cap under test conditions( new handling included along with an updated gimmick)
  • The key: a borrowed key vanishes and appears tied to your shoe lace. Its as simple as that

All of the effects in this download require you to carry a little something extra but it is either built into something you already carry OR it is something you can borrow. None of these items will take up any of your valuable pocket space

Add to Cart £10 Instant Video Download


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