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The perfect pen through bill is a Holy Grail for many magicians. For 10 years Alan Rorrison has been working to develop a visual, deceptive, and examinable version.

The Pen Thing was the result.

It is a super visual penetration using a borrowed and signed bill. The gimmick is fully examinable and can be used for any routine in your repertoire for signing objects.

To demonstrate the ease and deceptiveness of this routine we have included a single shot demo. We note that the objects drop out of frame momentarily, however there are no switches and the routine looks as clean as this in person.

Included with this gimmick is a download link for an over 30-minute explanation of the performance and subtleties involved with this effect.

We also include Alan Impromptu work on this effect as an added bonus. This is an extra three handelings absolutly free!


"Alan has created a deceptive and beautiful masterpiece with this rendition of the Pen-Through-Bill classic" - Mat Parrott

“This is the only pen through bill you need! It’s simple, borrow a bill, melt a sharpie through it, then hand everything out to be examined. A pocket-sized miracle that you can carry with you everywhere!” - Myles Thornton


£20+£5 shipping

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