Repair Torn and restored card

Repair Torn and restored card


Hello and welcome to Repair. One of the most VISUAL torn and restored cards to date. Just have a look at the demo at the bottom of the page to see mean.

Yes there is a gimmick involved but it is super simple to make and it is re usable.

  • Yes it is as clean as you see it in the demo.

  • The card CAN be signed and also handed out after the restoration is complete.

  • No their is no crazy palms to learn

  • Yes it can be done fully surrounded. That’s right, NO angle issues at all

This is all we can really say for this effect. The demo speaks for itself and it really is that clean. It can be done from any angle that you want and the card can even be signed if you wish.

You will need one extra thing to make the gimmick but its is very easy to get in a public store or online and I am sure most of you fine folks will have it laying around already.

So whats stopping you?

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