Static is a simple but Super effective levitation/suspension of a playing card. When creating this method Alan gave himself a few restrictions to make it as workable as possible in the real world. The effect had to be super visual but also easy to do so it was easily obtainable by any one, hobbyist and pros alike. It had be to perform able from an un-gimmicked deck that could be freely shuffled by the spectator and it had to be UN-GIMMICKED.

That's right, there are no threads magnets or anything else used in this routine. The only think you need is a deck of cards and you are ready to go

  • The card is free selection

  • The card is un-gimmicked in any way

  • The routine is impromptu

  • Everything can be inspected before and after

  • There is no prior set up at all.

Alan has streamlined the tutorial which is just over 20 minutes long but gives you every little detail you will need to perform the linker. No messing around just direct and to the point instruction on how to do this awesome effect.

Here is what other have to say about the Static


"A clean and very direct way to levitate a card live. Every worker should have this!"- Dee Christopher

"I am not used to seeing un-gimmicked levitation’s looking this good. Bravo" -Mat Parrott

""Ok how? I need to know how this was done right now"" -Craig Fitzgerald

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